Get Married in Denmark
with Wedding on the Rocks

Romantic, Personal, Practical
On one of the best islands in the world*

We help you plan your big day.
Book a free Skype meeting and find out how you can get married in Denmark

* Bornholm is nominated as Best Island 2018 by Travel + Leisure Magazine.

Get Married in Denmark with Wedding on the Rocks

Romantic, Personal, Practical
On one of the best islands in the world*

We help you plan your big day.
Book a free Skype meeting and find out how you can get married in Denmark

* Bornholm is nominated as Best Island 2018 by Travel + Leisure Magazine.

Brautpaare auf den Felsen von Bornholm in Dänemark

Is bureaucracy delaying your wedding?

In many countries the processing of documents can take months, if not years, and the papers required to provide can be extensive.

This is not the case if you get married in Denmark. Wedding on the Rocks help you marry with a bare minimum of documents and it takes 10 days or less to for your papers to be approved by the authorities in Denmark. Transnational and gay couples are no exception!

Are you stressing over wedding planning?

Planning and executing a wedding can be a lot of work and there are many things to plan and organize. You only have one chance to get it right.

Wedding on the Rocks is with you from idea to “I do” in Denmark and all the way back home. We are available 24 hours every day and always for a flat rate. We don’t charge on an hourly basis for anything.

Brautpaare am Stadthaus auf Bornholm
Brautpaare am Strand auf Bornholm


The Danish island Bornholm is the perfect place for a dream wedding. Just nominated as “The Best Island in the World 2018” by Leisure + Travel Magazine, Bornholm has it all.

The nature on Bornholm is incredibly diverse; with rocks, forests and beautiful world-class beaches.

Bornholm is also known as a gourmet island and has no shortage of quality restaurants (even a Michelin restaurant).

No one knows Bornholm better than Wedding on the Rocks and we will help you experience all the best of what the island has to offer, whether you want a small ceremony or a big dream wedding.

At Wedding on the Rocks we highly value a personal experience and we will make sure you feel comfortable and enjoy your big day. We are very proud to be a part of such an important milestone in your life and we want everything to be included in our service for a stress-free experience. Therefore our service always includes the following:

Always included

A Personal Wedding Planner

Unlimited access to a personal wedding planner before, during and after your wedding. The wedding planner will be present on request during the wedding ceremony.

Legal guidance

We provide tailored information about which documents are necessary in your specific situation and take care of all correspondence with the Danish authorities.

An Internationally recognized marriage

To get your marriage internationally recognized, an apostille stamp must be attached to one of your marriage certificates. After your ceremony you will receive one certificate that you can take home straight away. We will deliver the other one personally to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, get it stamped and send it home to you shortly after your wedding with prioritized mail.

All fees

Marriage fee for the Danish authorities

Apostille stamp from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Postal fees for sending the marriage certificate with an Apostille stamp directly to you

All prices are including VAT

Witnesses if necessary

We always provide you with two witnesses for your wedding ceremony if necessary. It is required by Danish law to have two witnesses present.

Choose a wedding location

Brautpaare, die am Stadthaus auf Bornholm sitzen

Town Hall

The Town Hall is the safe choice. A Town Hall wedding is a casual ceremony that is suitable for most couples who want a pratical ceremony. It is possible to have the wedding ceremony inside the town hall or in the garden.

The Town Hall is located in Rønne, within walking distance of the ferry and several hotels.

Some bubbles for a toast is always included.

Price: €1.000

Brautpaare auf den Felsen auf Bornholm in Dänemark


You won't find a more romantic setting than Bornholm's diverse nature. You will find beaches, cliffs and forests to match exactly the athmosphere that will make your wedding unique. Your personal wedding planner will work with you, to find a special place in the beautiful nature just for you.

We also provide chairs for your guests and witnesses if necessary and a 3x3 meter pavilion will be set up in case of rain.

Price: €1.400

Erichsens Gaard in Bornholm, Dänemark

Erichsens Gård

Erichsens Gård is an old town house built in 1806 in the center of Rønne. The house is named after the second owner of the house, Thomas Erichsen. Together with his wife he had 12 children and one of them was Vilhelmine Erichsen. Vilhelmine became the most important artistic inspiration for Kristian Zahrtmann (famous Danish painter), and she married his friend, Holger Drachmann (famous Danish poet and playwright). The house still contains many memories of these three people.

Today Erichsens Gård is a museum and you can enjoy the special atmosphere when you marry in the beautiful courtyard or in one of the old rooms. When it rains, it is always possible to have your ceremony in the house instead of the yard.

Price: €1.655

Price: €1.100

Price: €1.500

Price: €1.755

Would you like to get married somewhere else?

No problem. Wedding on the Rocks have connections all over the island and can help fulfill almost every wish.

Even if you want to get married somewhere else in Denmark, Wedding on the Rocks can help you. Book a Skype meeting and let us know more about your dreams.

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