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Denmark has long been the favourite wedding destination for especially inter-national and same sex couples form all over the world. The beauty of the country, a generous legislation as well as ‘hygge’ – the Danish way to enjoy life -are certainly among the reasons for the popularity. And we in Wedding on the Rocks believe, that of all the possible Danish destinations, Bornholm has the very best of what the country has to offer. 

Here are 10 excellent reasons why you should consider to get married on Bornholm.

The Robber's Castle (Røverborgen) offers a wonderful view over the Baltic Sea during a wedding on Bornholm.

1. A Unique and Versatile Landscape

Rocky cliffs, sandy beaches, dense forest and rugged hills – there’s no limit to what Bornholm has to offer in terms of nature and landscape. Any couple or prospective wedding congregation will soon discover their own favourite spot on the island. There’s even space for compromises, if you can’t decide nor agree. In most circumstances, you will even find access for wheelchairs.

Whether you want to feel the sand between your toes while saying your ‘I dos’, look into the distance from the top of a cliff or listen to the birds sing in the woods, Wedding on the Rocks will find the perfect location to suit your personal preferences on your wedding day. Nature should definitely be one of your top reasons to marry on Bornholm.

A just wedded couple sitting at the ruins of Hammershus Fortress on Bornholm.

2. A Rich History to Get Inspire By and Reflect Upon

History can make us feel connected and, quite like nature, provides a large canvas for important milestone – such as weddings – in our lives. There are few places that cover so much of it on a comparatively small space than Bornholm. 

From the ancient rock carvings at Madsebakke and the Gamleborg Viking fortress to the ruins of the former stronghold of Hammerhus as well as the few remaining round churches in Denmark – Bornholm manages to have most centuries covered. Let yourself feel inspired and make history a reason to get married on Bornholm.

In a place so saturated with history, it it possible for any couple to delve into the past to discover a common future on their wedding day

A newly wedded couple on a field in Bornholm with an old mill in the background.

3. Landmarks Aplenty for the Perfect Backdrop

Lighthouses, fortresses, a dale full of echoes and a magical opal lake, only to mention a few examples. Bornholm is filled to the brim with special places for you to choose from. 

The scenery will not only impress you while you experience it in real life, but also create a suitable ambience for the all-important wedding portrait.

Since all of the landmarks are in a comparatively small space, you even can go on a time travel by moving around the island to experience various landmarks from different times in history.

A just married lesbian couple standing on the beach in Bornholm and waving.

4. The Call of the Sea

Science has proven we feel better when we are close to the sea. There is quite certainly no better way to celebrate your wedding day on an island surrounded by water. When you are on Bornholm, you can’t avoid meeting the sea wherever you go. And even when you can’t see it, you still might be hearing the waves crashing on the beaches or cliffs.

The western and eastern shores of Bornholm are the right spot if you want to feel the sand between your toes – and save on the expense of the wedding shoes. In the north of Bornholm, you’ll find wild cliffs and untamed brandings to give any ceremony the right amount of drama.

5. The Reliably Good Weather Conditions

Bornholm is generally called the ‘Sunshine Island’ or even the ‘Pearl of the Baltic Sea’. Not without reason. If you imagine a beautiful outdoor wedding, but that the weather might ruin the best laid plans – then Bornholm is the right place for you. 

Temperatures during spring and summer usually remain above 20 degrees. This means, you and your wedding guests will not break into an uncomfortable sweat during the ceremony.

Neither do you have to worry too much about rain as the climate is largely dry during the summer months. In addition comes a light breeze from the sea to make for a perfect wedding day. Our brilliant weather most certainly provides a reason for many couples when they decide to marry on Bornholm.

Wedding banquet on Bornholm in Denmark.

6. Food for Pleasure and Thought

No wedding celebration is complete without a proper wedding banquet – and here Bornholm really is able to shine

The island is universally known as ‘The Garden of Denmark’ where most produce is grown organically and sustainably. Bornholm even has its own ‘national’ dish called Sol over Gudhjem (Sun over Gudhjem). This is a delicacy consisting of rye bread, smoked herring, egg yolk and radish. The fish comes courtesy of the smokehouses along the coastline, which deliver their famous smoked herring all over Europe.

And there’s the famous blue cheese from the Bornholmske Mejeriers Andelsosteri. For not to speak of the many sweet treats factories. And the locally brewed crafts beer – and and and. In addition, Bornholm boast a Michelin-starred as well as many other fabulous restaurants. 

A large wedding party celebrates on the waterfront in Bornholm.

7. Bornholmer are Champions of 'Hygge'

Around 40.000 inhabitants live on the island and Bornholmians are well-known throughout Denmark for being hospitable and kind. Whether you arrive at the registry office, eat out at a restaurant or get around the island to enjoy its beauty, you will always feel welcome. 

Bornholmians are Danish by choice ever since they gifted themselves – and the island – to the Danish King Frederick III in 1660. Since then, they have become the incarnation of the world-famous Danish ‘Hygge’.

Next to the tourism trade, agriculture and food production is the main stay of Bornholm and its inhabitants. The islanders work hard to provide Denmark and the rest of Europe with their organically produced fare. The people of Bornholm definitely contribute considerably to the reasons why you should get married on the Danish island.

Wedding ring floral arrangement on a table on the beach in Bornholm.

8. Bornholm is a Place Immersed in Art

Art is beauty – and who does not want to be surrounded by beauty on one of the most important days of their lives? Bornholm is home to many artistic colonies. Most importantly, all creative divisions – from painting and pottery to jewellery design and glass blowing – are well represented on the island.

So if any of the guests attending the wedding should have forgotten to buy that all important wedding present, there will be plenty to choose from. There are many artisanal shops on the island, offering fabulous wedding gifts just waiting to be given away. 

For any pointers in the right direction, just forward the contact details of our wedding planners to the forgetful guest. We subsequently will be able to save the day for both of you and provide another reason on why you should marry on Bornholm.

A bride on the beach on Bornholm blinks against the light.

9. The Incomparable Light to Brighten Your Big Da

For centuries, artists have come to Bornholm to capture not only the nature, but also the famous light of the island. Most agree that the light creates an atmosphere which aids the creative process. For this very reason, Bornholm today has the largest concentration of artist colonies in Denmark. Being surrounded by creativity and beauty will most certainly add a certain ambience to your wedding ceremony. In addition, you should not underestimate how much these special light conditions can contribute to your wedding photo.

If you want to know more about our special light, or simply wish to get in touch with any of the photographers situated on Bornholm, please contact our wedding planners. They can suggest the right artist as well as the perfected places with the best light for your requirements.

Gay just married couple cuts their wedding cake on Bornholm.

10. The Fun of it All

There’s no wedding without fun – but the definition of the word lies in your own personal preferences. Whether you like to have that big fat Danish wedding, prefer a simple family affair or imagine an intimate dinner for two after the ceremony – Bornholm will get you sorted. The island can provide fun for anyone, across generational divides, varying interests or inclinations.

Ferocious water rats will just as well come to their own as sports enthusiasts, nature worshippers, hiking fans and nightlife lovers. Bornholm is the epitome of fun and should be another important reason for you to choose it as your wedding destination. If you want to get the fun for your wedding party sorted, please contact our wedding planners in Wedding on the Rocks. We will have the right solution for you.



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