Wedding Documents


Wedding Documents

We Take Care of the paperwork!

Nobody likes paperwork. But here you are. Engaged to be married, glowing in excitement and all ready to commit yourself. Yet the authorities, whether it be the your domestic or the Danish state, want proof that you qualify to make that commitment. And once you’ve gone to all the trouble to come to Bornholm to get married and have organized it all, you also want the reassurance that your hard work was worthwhile and your marriage certificate will be accepted once you arrived back home again.

This is where our wedding planners in Wedding on the Rocks will come to your rescue and rise and shine. We will perform all the necessary tasks with regards to your wedding paperwork, deal with the relevant authorities and get you your guaranteed legal marriage certificate, disregarding of gender(s), which country you reside in or your and your partners nationalities.

Whether you want to get married in nature, at the town hall or in Erichsens Gård, we at Wedding on the Rocks strive to deal with the required documents for your wedding as quickly and efficiently as possible. We work closely together with the Danish authorities to ensure everything is right.

We will, however, need a little bit – the absolute minimum – of help in advance. Here are a few details on what to consider before you arrive on Bornholm – and what our wedding planners need to get the paperwork done as quickly as possible.



Before you arrive on Bornholm to stand in front of the wedding registrar, the Danish authorities would like to have a look at the following documents:

  • Personal ID – Valid passport or EU-ID. Provision of Schengen visa or residence permit are only necessary, if they are legally required to arrive in Denmark. For passports, all pages are needed, including front and back.
  • Certificate of residence or another document with your names and address – Only needed, if you live together. Documents such as a utility bill can be sufficient.
  • Birth certificates of children you have in common
  • Divorce decree or death certificate – only if one or both of you previously were married.

All documents must be provided in either English, German or Danish. Our wedding planners will request a copy of these from you in advance. Don’t worry if you can’t remember it all, because we will send you a separate email once you’ve contacted us on the form below.

Our wedding planners will remind you to send off the right wedding documents.


Documents from the following countries do not need an Apostille stamp or certification: USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Turkey.

The same applies for all European countries except the following: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Documents from these countries and all other Apostille Convention member countries not mentioned will need an Apostille stamp. You can see all Apostille Convention member countries here.

Documents from countries outside the Apostille Convention will need a full certification.

If you have documents from Pakistan or Nigeria, an extra verification is needed. Contact our wedding planners on the form below or send us an e-mail on to get more information about this.

Some wedding documents from the registry office in Rønne on Bornhom must be authenticated by a notary.


With regards to same-sex partnership rights, Denmark is the true world champion. As the first country in the world, the Danish government already in 1989 decided that same-sex couples should have the right to register for a civil partnership. Since 2012, same sex couples also have the right to get married in Denmark.

Denmark is also one of the countries, where the population heavily supports same-sex civil partnership and marriage rights. Almost 90% of Danes within all age groups or gender are in favour of same-sex couples having the same rights as everyone else.

Therefore, with regards to the paperwork and wedding documents, there are no other special circumstances for you to consider. You will have to supply exactly the same documents ahead of your wedding on Bornholm like any opposite-sex couple. 

For more information about same-sex marriages and how we can help you with your wedding planning, please contact us on the form below.


Same sex weddings require the same wedding documents as opposite sex weddings.


Pro forma marriages, also called marriages of convenience, are usually engaged in to obtain a residency permit in a country for one of the partners. As of 2019, this kind of a proforma marriage is no longer permitted in Denmark.

If the Danish authorities harbour a proforma  marriage suspicion, it might trigger an investigation which in most circumstances will delay the approval process considerably. During this type of approval process or investigation, you might get asked questions about your personal relationship, e.g. how long you have known each other, where you met each other, whether you have children together, whether you live or have previously lived together etc.

The Danish authorities also might contact you during the processing of your application if they have questions or require additional information about you and your partner. They even might call you in for an interview, if they should believe there is a need for this.

For more information on how to avoid a pro forma marriage investigation in Denmark, please contact us on the form below.

Marriages of convenience are also not permitted in Denmark.


According to Danish law, you are required to have two witnesses present at the ceremony. The wedding witnesses will not only observe the ceremony, but also be required to sign the paperwork after. 

As wedding planners in Denmark, we are aware of the fact that not every couple wishes to arrive accompanied with a large wedding party. Maybe you have chosen to elope? Or you simply wish to keep your ceremony intimate and private.
Whatever your reasons may be, should you decide upon coming without the two witnesses required by law, Wedding on the Rocks would be delighted to step up to the task. Our wedding planners will always be able to supply you with two people who will attend your wedding ceremony.
For more information about the witnesses to your wedding, please contact us on the form below for more information.
According to Danish law, you are required to have two witnesses present at your wedding ceremony to receive your wedding documents.


Once your wedding on Bornholm is over and you return to your country of residence, you will receive within a very few days your marriage certificate. We will post this to you as soon as the Danish authorities have issued it, and will make sure that everything is in order and as it should be.

You will have to present this to the relevant authorities in the country you live, especially when one or both of you have changed their name upon the marriage. Among those who might require your marriage certificate might be:

  • Your local council and or registry office
  • Your bank
  • Your domestic issuer of driving licenses (DVLA etc.)
  • The tax authorities (Inland Revenue etc.)
And quite possibly a few more. Please be aware that it remains your responsibility to contact the relevant authorities and institutions with regards to the submission of your marriage certificate.
Also after the wedding on Bornholm it will be necessary to submit your paperwork to the relevant authorities in your country.


Whether it's same sex marriages or conventional weddings, our Danish wedding planners on Bornholm will deal with your wedding documents.

In order to submit the relevant documents to our wedding planners ahead of your wedding, please press the button below:

Upon submission, we will check your documents and forward them to the relevant Danish and local authorities in Bornholm for approval.

It remains the wedded couples responsibility, to submit their wedding documents to the authorities in their country of residence.

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