We want to make the paperwork easy!

At Wedding on the Rocks, we strive to get the paperwork done as quickly and easily as possible. That’s why we work closely together with the authorities.

The Danish authorities need the following documents:

  • Personal ID – Valid passport or EU-ID. Schengen visa or residence permit are only required, if they are necessary to arrive in Denmark. For passports all pages are needed including front and back.
  • Certificate of residence or another document with your names and address – Only needed if you live together. Documents such as a utility bill can be used.
  • Birth certificates for common children
  • Divorce decree or death certificate – only if one or both of you were previously married.

All documents must be translated into English, German or Danish. The birth certificates, divorce decrees and death certificates might need an Apostille stamp or legalisation. Apostille stamps and legalisations must not be more than 4 months old when we send in your wedding application.

Documents from the following countries doesn’t need an Apostille stamp or legalisation: USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia or Turkey.

The same applies for all European countries except the following: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Documents from these countries and all other Apostille convention member countries not mentioned will need an Apostille stamp. You can see all Apostille convention member countries here.

Documents from countries that are not Apostille convention members will need a full legalisation.

If you have documents from Pakistan or Nigeria an extra verification is needed. Send us an e-mail on to get more information about this.

Please notice that proforma marriages are no longer permitted in Denmark from 2019. Proforma suspicion might trigger an in-person interview that will delay the approval process.

When you have booked your wedding, we require copies of all of the above documents, which you can send to our secure email address using the button below.

We will check your documents and send them to the local authorities for approval.