Erichsens Gård


Erichsens Gård is an old town house built in 1806 in the center of Rønne on Bornholm. Nowadays, it is a museum offering a very special ambiance for those who wish to get married in truly historical surroundings. 

The inside of this traditional farmyard as well as the outside are still kept in the style of the 19th century. The building is surrounded by a romantic, fragrant flower garden offering an additional backdrop to a beautiful wedding ceremony. If you should decide to hold your wedding ceremony in this romantic location, you will be offered the choice between having your nuptials performed in one of the stylish rooms or in the beautiful courtyard.

The impressive building is named after the second owner of the house, Thomas Erichsen. He and his wife raised a large family of 12 children in this former farmstead. One of his daughters was Vilhelmine Erichsen (1852-1935). An adult Vilhelmine became the most important artistic inspiration for the renowned Danish painter Kristian Zahrtmann. He became known for his paintings based on historical events that broke away from the traditional Danish naturalism. Vilhelmina Erichsen was married to Zahrtmann’s friend, the poet and playwright Holger Drachmann. The house still contains many memorabilia of these three personalities. 

Today, Erichsens Gård gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the special atmosphere when you marry in the beautiful courtyard or in one of the traditional rooms. 

In case of rain, we always will make arrangements to perform your ceremony in the house instead of the yard.

Price: €1.905