Wedding Planning Services


Wedding Planning Services

Always a personal EXPERIENCE

At Wedding on the Rocks, we highly value a personal experience and we will make sure you feel comfortable and enjoy your big day. It doesn’t matter, if you want a simple elopement with just the two of you, or a huge wedding celebration with every last family member or friend attending. We are very proud to be a part of such an important milestone in your life and we want everything to be included in our service for a stress-free experience. Regardless of whether your wedding ceremony takes place at the local registry office, in the countryside or at Erichsens Gård, all our packages always include the following elements:


A Personal Wedding Planner

Unlimited access to a personal wedding planner before, during and after your wedding. The wedding planner will be present on request during the wedding ceremony.

Legal guidance

We provide tailored information about which documents are necessary in your specific situation and take care of all correspondence with the Danish authorities.

An Internationally recognized marriage

To have your marriage internationally recognized, an apostille stamp must be attached to one of your marriage certificates. After your ceremony you will receive one certificate that you can take home straight away. We will deliver the other one personally to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, get it stamped and send it home to you shortly after your wedding with prioritized mail.

All fees

Marriage fee for the Danish authorities

Apostille stamp from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Postal fees for sending the marriage certificate with an Apostille stamp directly to you

All prices are including VAT

Witnesses if necessary

We always provide you with two witnesses for your wedding ceremony if necessary. It is required by Danish law to have two witnesses present.

The most beautiful and romantic wedding locations

Bridal couple sitting by the town hall on Bornholm in Denmark

Town Hall

The Town Hall usually is the safe choice. A Town Hall wedding is a casual ceremony suitable for most couples who want a practical approach. Wedding ceremonies in the town hall on Bornholm can be performed in English, Danish and German. You are also given the choice between having the wedding ceremony inside the town hall ceremonial offices or outside in the beautiful garden.

The Town Hall is located in Rønne, within walking distance of the ferry and several hotels.

Price: €799

A sustainable wedding can be arranged to special instructions in the countryside.


You won't find a more romantic setting than the one provided by Bornholm's diverse nature. We have beaches, cliffs and forests on offer to match exactly the setting that will make your wedding unique. Nobody knows Bornholm better than we in Wedding on the Rocks and your personal wedding planner will work with you at all times to find a special place just for you in these stunning surroundings.

In case of rain, we will set up a 3x3 meter pavilion at your chosen location.

Price: €1.349

Erichsens Gard on Bornholm in Denmark.

Erichsens Gård

Erichsens Gård is an old town house built in 1806 right in the center of Rønne. Nowadays, Erichsens Gård is a museum offering a very special atmosphere.The manor inside as well as outside is still kept in the style of the 19th century and surrounded by a romantic, fragrant flower garden. You will be able to choose between having your wedding in one of the stylish rooms or in the impressive courtyard.

In case of rain, it will always be possible to move the ceremony indoors.

Price: €1.905

Price: €799

Price: €1.349

Price: €1.905

More than just a ceremony!

Your personal wedding planner can also help you with a celebration after the ceremony, whether you want a small intimate dinner with a few friends or a big party with many guests. We have contacts all over the island and can organize everything from music to food and decoration.

A wedding party in full swing at a hotel on Bornholm.
Wedding cake and wedding table decorations at a wedding ceremony on Bornholm.
A bride laughing when looking at her wedding budget on Bornholm.

Wedding Party planning

Restaurant or private facilities? Tent or solid brick walls? Catering or Michelin-starred menu for your guests? Maybe you would like a picnic on the beach? No matter what you choose, your wedding planner will be your coordinator before, during and after your celebration. Just sit back (or dance on the table) and enjoy your big day.

Wedding Deal scouting

Our wedding planners are true locals with contacts all over the island. Whether it's the wedding photographer or the bride's stylist, the catering or the flower arrangement, we will always find the best quality for your wedding at the best price.

WEdding budgeting

No matter if you are envisaging the wedding of the century - or intend just to elope and make it a business between solely the two of you. We make sure that your budget is always respected and will be in constant dialogue with you, so you always stay in control over the finances.


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