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Let’s face it. Love only requires two people. Nowadays many think that also a wedding should only be an affair between those two, which is why elopements have become very popular in recent years. Yet once you’ve decided to run away from all the hassle of preparing a big fat wedding, you might wonder, where to run to?

Denmark has for many years been one of the most popular “elopement countries in the world”. A friendly attitude towards two people in love, a generous legislation with regards to LGBT weddings and the Danes aptitude to pick up foreign languages on the go contribute a lot to making an elopement wedding in Denmark attractive for anyone. And if you first choose Denmark, you most certainly should consider Bornholm as you foremost wedding location.

Here are a few reasons, why you should consider an elopement and why Bornholm should definitely be on top of your list of the places elope to.

Elopements are Budget-Friendly

There’s no beating about the bush. A large wedding is a costly affair. However much they save up in advance, many couples still end up starting their wedded life with a large pile of bills. Hosting a huge crowd of wedding guests at a respectable venue comes at a price. Also everything else – from bridal gown to decorations – will be so much dearer when you are in need to perform you wedding vows in front of a huge audience.

When you decide to elope to Bornholm, you will be able to keep that dreaded wedding budget in check. Especially if you choose a wedding planner from Wedding on the Rocks. 

We really can help you to keep your wedding-related costs down and still give you the best day of your life. Wedding on the Rocks operates with low prices. In return, we will make sure that you receive the best offers available when you marry on our beautiful Danish island. Just contact us on the form below.


Wedding bouquet on a table on Bornholm beach
Image by destinationlove.dk

Elopements are Less Time-Consuming

Preparing for your own wedding will undoubtedly be fun and exciting. Yet it also will take a large chunk out of your time. The larger your wedding, the more you have to prepare. 

Eloping with your spouse-to-be and maybe a minimal set of guests can save you a massive amount of time you much better have use for by spending it with those that are important to you. 

Wedding planners, like Wedding on the Rocks, also will would love to help you even more time. By telling us your wants, we’ll sort out your needs. From the perfect wedding location and the necessary paperwork to the wedding decorations and hair & make-up, we’ll find exactly what you require on Bornholm.

If you want to know more about on how we can save you time, please do not hesitate to contact us on the form below for a complementary chat.

Elopements to Denmark cost considerably less time when you hire a wedding planner on Bornholm
Image by Studio Bornholm

Elopements Offer a Wider Choice of 'Wedding Venues'

Every couple has its own origin story. Weddings usually reflect at least part of their journey together so far and a wedding venue can be the perfect backdrop to give a visual expression to their common ground. 

When you choose an elopement over a traditional wedding, you will soon realize that you’ll have far more opportunities to marry at a location that really suits you as a couple. Not having to drag around a large congregation might have something to do with it.

Despite being only a small Danish island, Bornholm offers an enormous amount of very different wedding locations for elopements. From sandy beaches and steep cliffs to wild forests and romantic landmarks, Bornholm has it all. When you elope to Bornholm, you’re bound to find that one location that will perfect for you.

Elopement weddings open up for a wider choice of wedding venues when you marry on Bornholm in Denmark.

Elopements are More Sustainable

It might sound contradictory, but marrying in nature will be a great contribution to sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding considerably. 70% of couples who want to get married choose sustainable solutions nowadays. This is one of the reasons, elopement have become one of the most popular choices for nuptials.

Having a small wedding party will put less pressure on natural resources and use far less energy than indoor weddings. In addition, you are bound to give yourself and the few guests you bring along a boost to good physical and mental health.

An elopement to Bornholm will take you to one of the most eco-friendly places in the world. All of Denmark frequently is chosen as the most sustainable place on Earth. Within the Danish borders, Bornholm has become the powerhouse of green innovation and climate neutrality. Therefore will your elopement to Bornholm contribute considerably to a brighter, greener future for not only your marriage, but also our planet.

Reduce your carbon footprint by eloping to Bornholm in Denmark.
Image by destinationlove.dk

Elopements to Bornholm Meet No Language Barriers

One of the reasons that might keep you from eloping to Bornholm could be the fact that your Danish language skills are not quite up to scratch. If they exist at all. Yet it doesn’t matter if you have a big wedding or a small elopement, some paperwork still has to be filled in and send to the right authorities. Paperwork in your own language will be bad enough. Doing it in a language you don’t know anything about might seem impossible.

This is where your own personal (and affordable) wedding planner from Wedding on the Rocks will step in. All you have to do is send us a photo(copy) of your documents – and relax. We’ll do the rest and you will find everything sorted when you arrive for your wedding day.

Speaking of which: also the wedding ceremony can be adjusted to your language needs. Our Danish registrars on Bornholm can perform the nuptials in Danish, English and German. All you have to do is let us know in advance. Disregarding what language you choose, your marriage will still be legal in any other country of the world.

Languages are not a problem when you elope to Bornholm in Denmark.
Image by destinationlove.dk

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