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Bornholm and Sustainability


You might have heard it before but life on our planet is at risk. At least the Danish islanders on Bornholm did. In recent years, they have taken severe measures to work against the clock and make their part of the world one of the most sustainable globally. Their efforts to keep their beautiful island green affect almost all aspects of the Bornholmians’ lives. Thereby they not only ensure that the biodiversity on Bornholm is secure for future generations, but also push forward the innovation in green technology to the great advantage for the rest of the world.

Within Europe, Bornholm by now stands as the prime model of sustainable living. Not only are both the islanders and the local as well as Danish authorities in complete agreement over the measures taken to prepare for a greener future. Also businesses worldwide take a keen interest in the progress of the project. Data collected on Bornholm’s sustainability efforts is used globally to drive forward technology advances and green innovation.

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Zero waste is a good precondition for a sustainable wedding on Bornholm in Denmark.

Zero Waste

Waste has become a major global issue. What to do with all our rubbish? The islanders on Bornholm had a few ideas and decided to eliminate all waste from the island by 2032. Circular economy, recycling and composting are key factors in the efforts to save the planet from the destructions of climate change. 

The main motto is: Trash is a resource. It should be recycled or reused. This is why families on Bornholm separate their weekly household refuse not just into three, but a whole 37 different categories. By 2032, nothing on the island is to be incinerated or stuck on a landfill anymore.

If not only the future of your marriage but also the future of the planet belong to the ‘must-haves’ on your wedding day, then Bornholm is the perfect place for you.

Green energy is important for many when planning a wedding on Bornholm in Denmark

Renewable Energy

The extensive use of fossil fuels is one of the main reasons for the current climate change our world is experiencing. Bornholmians therefore have decided to act and rid themselves entirely from unsustainable energy sources.

When you and your wedding guests arrive on the island for the big day, all you will see and use creates only carbon neutral emissions. By 2040, we hope to be completely carbon-free. In the meantime most of our heating and electricity is provided through wind, solar, biogas, wood chips, and wheat straw.

When you say your marital vows in front of a Danish registrar on Bornholm, you thereby can be sure to also make your contribution to the future of planet Earth.

Bornholm farmers provide bio food for every wedding banquet on the Danish island


Food production and agriculture have a major impact on the state of our planet and climate change. When you plan your wedding banquet, you might already have dishes with ecologically produced ingredients on your mind.

By marrying on Bornholm, you will not be able to avoid bio food. Our entire agriculture is performed after strict ecological standards. When you eat locally produced food on Bornholm, you can be sure that neither pesticides nor medically enhanced feed for livestock ever have come near it.

With these measures, Bornholmians not only ensure the physical well-being and health of their own populace and visitors, but also safeguard the biodiversity on their beautiful ‘Sunshine Island’. And you can make your wedding guests happy with a delicious yet sustainably sourced meal.

Bisons live freely on Bornholm in Denmark and aid in the efforts for climate protection.

Biomass and Biogas

Bornholm is a largely agricultural island and all that animal waste the resident livestock produces has found a final resting place in the large biomass plant run by the local energy company.

Biomass represents now the largest energy source in all of Denmark. It has almost replaced coal as a power source. Now the Danish government and industry look into making biomass and the production of biogas as carbon neutral as possible. This is where Bornholm’s unique situation as an inhabited island with well-preserved biodiversity comes into play.

The island has become a test site for the world on how small communities can live self-sustaining as well as carbon neutral. Only recently the largest battery in Denmark has been installed on Bornholm to make good use of any leftover power produced during less energy intensive times.

Water resources are protected on Bornholm in Denmark to ensure a healthy lifestyle on your wedding day.

Water Recycling and Reuse

On Bornholm, like everywhere in Denmark, you can drink the water straight from the tap. To ensure this luxury is healthy and sustainable, the local water board Bornholms Forsyning has taken several measures.

All water on the island runs in a renewable cycle. While the water is cleaned in sustainably operating treatment plants, the residue finds its way back into the local economy. The treated slush is returned to the Bornholm farmers for use in agriculture.

In addition, communities on Bornholm collect rainwater in local tanks for redistribution. Thereby they not only prevent flooding on the Danish island, but also found sustainable, non-invasive ways to harvest a resource that can be returned to the natural habitat.

You can be sure that from the bride’s bouquet to the food at the wedding banquet have all been solely in contact with clean, sustainably obtained water sources.


Green fuel is important for shipping and the ferries that carry you and your wedding guests to Bornholm.

Green Fuel

While the efforts of the local authorities as well as from the inhabitants of the Danish island are aimed at keeping their habitat clean and climate friendly, Bornholmians also want to share their knowledge and resources.

The port authorities in Rønne are currently in the process of establishing a green fuel hub. The purpose of the planned storage bunkers is to serve up to 60.000 ships, ferries and boats every year as a filling station with sustainable sources for heavy transportation.

In addition, most of the fuel is also going to be produced on the Danish island itself. The island authorities want to reduce the carbon footprint of the materials as much as possible. The necessary resources for the green fuel therefore will come largely from local production and agriculture as well as waste water.

Wedding on the Rocks' Commitment to Sustainability and a Greener, Brighter Future

As true locals on the island of Bornholm, our wedding planners in Wedding on the Rocks are obviously keen on preserving the beautiful nature on the island for future generations – and future couples who want to get married here.

We therefore can promise you, that all our wedding planning and arrangements will be done with the outmost care for the nature and environment – without affecting neither your comfort nor your enjoyment. Quite to the contrary, since you can enjoy your big day in the safe knowledge to have contributed to the safeguarding of our planet by marrying here.

Wedding on the Rocks offers exclusively sustainable, eco-friendly solutions – from the marriage ceremony to the products used in the festivities.

If you should require more information on how to make your wedding more climate friendly, please do not hesitate to contact one of our wedding planners with the help of the the form below.

Dekoration der Hochzeitsparty und des Tisches vor der Ankunft der Hochzeitsgäste auf Bornholm.

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