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About Bornholm


Bornholm is known for its stunning nature, amazing landmarks and delicious food. Despite being far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the island is within easy reach from anywhere and Wedding parties can come to the island within a few hours at most.

Our blog about the wedding island of Bornholm aims to give you valuable information on – among others – how you can get here, what to expect and where to find what. If you still have questions or wonder if Bornholm really is the right place for you to get married, please do not hesitate to contact us on the form below for more information.

In the meantime, have fun exploring our posts and hopefully we’ll see you and your chosen partner in life very soon on the beautiful island of Bornholm.

Find out how your wedding party can easily get to Bornholm

How to Get to Bornholm

Whether you and your wedding party intend to come by plane, ferry, train or automobile, here you will find all necessary information on how to plan - and budget - your trip to Bornholm. You'll also find out how to get around our beautiful island.

There are hotels aplenty to accommodate wedding parties and receptions on Bornholm in Denmark

Wedding Accommodations on Bornholm

When you get married on Bornholm, you can choose between no less than 17.000 different wedding accommodations on the entire island. Look here for help on navigating this enormous choice and for some tips on how to save time and money.

Denmark and Bornholm are prime spots for international destination weddings

Destination Wedding Bornholm

Not everyone wishes to get married in their own neighbourhood. Packing up and elope to an 'exotic' destination like Bornholm might be just what you've been looking for. Here you'll find everything about our destination offers.

Bornholm and Sustainability

When not only your future as a couple but also the future of the planet is at your heart, you will soon find out that Bornholm is the best place to start. This post will give you a comprehensive view on all the efforts we undertake to save our planet.

Specialities and Peculiarities of Bornholm

Every place has it's specialities and peculiarities. So does Bornholm. Here we have collected everything from local folklore and food to secret hideouts and even news from 'the people underground'.

Hair stylists make sure your hairstyle stays in place when you get married on the Danish island Bornholm

Bornholm Weather & Climate

The weather on your wedding day will always be an uncertain variable But if you are getting married on Bornholm, some of your worries can be relieved. Read more about our favourable Bornholm climate here.

The many landmarks are another good reason to get married on Bornholm in Denmark.

Wedding Locations on Bornholm

Sandy beaches, steep cliffs, dense forests, romantic castles - whatever your preference, Bornholm has you covered. Take a look at our favourite wedding locations on this page.

There are at least 10 good reasons to get married on Bornholm

10 Reasons to Get Married on Bornholm

There are probably hundreds of good reasons on why you should get married on Bornholm but we have picked the 10 most obvious for you to consider.

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