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Destination Wedding Bornholm


Just packing up and elope to a foreign country to get married is a hugely popular trend for many couples. But which country to choose? Denmark has been for decades a popular wedding destination for couples. Not only was the country the first in the world to legalize same sex marriages, but Denmark is also known for its relaxed bureaucracy and certification procedures.

Among all the places in Denmark vying for your attention to make it your preferred destination to say your marital vows, the beauty and diversity of Bornholm truly stands out. Here you’ll find some of the reason why you should place Bornholm on top of your list of wedding destinations. We also will show you how we can help you to make your dreams come true on destination Denmark and Bornholm.

Wedding Locations to Suit Every Preferences

Despite a comparatively compact space, the island of Bornholm offers an enormous choice of locations to perform a wedding ceremony. From sandy beaches and rocky cliffs to historic landmarks and dense forests, our beautiful Danish island can deliver.

Our wedding planners in Wedding on the Rocks have been specializing in finding the right wedding locations. We take every singular preference of any individual couple into account. All you need to do is to describe your dream wedding and we’ll give you a choice of suitable wedding locations.

You also need not worry that your destination wedding on Bornholm might break the bank. Please see our competitive prices for the individual wedding arrangements – without any hidden costs and extra charges.

If you need more information or want to find out how Wedding on the Rocks can help you with your destination wedding, please do not hesitate to contact us on the form below. 


Dense forests on Bornholm in Denmark are a wonderful wedding destination
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Accommodations for Everyone in Your Wedding Party

Destination weddings in most cases will only include a minimum of guests. However, not everyone in an extended family might want to stay away from your wedding party. 

Bornholm can offer you a large array of accommodations. From first class hotels and guest houses to self-catering holiday apartments or even romantic farm stays, there will be something for everyone.

Our wedding planners will be able to help you find accommodations on Bornholm for every guest of your wedding party. Please contact us on the form below for more information.

Image by Studio Bornholm

Profit from Bornholm's Fabulous Culinary Offerings

We make no bones about it. Bornholm is a gourmet’s paradise. Our small Danish island even boasts a Michelin-starred restaurant. It also hosts one of the biggest televised cookery events for top chefs, the ‘Sun over Gudhjem’ (Sol over Gudhjem) competition, every year.

When your wedding budgets doesn’t really allow for Michelin-starred extravagance, despair not. As ‘Garden of Denmark’, Bornholm is just as famous as a provider for sustainable resources for a more simple, yet equally delicious culinary experience.

From set wedding menu to a serve yourself wedding banquet, our wedding planners will be able to accommodate your and your guests preferences. From fish and meat to vegetarian and vegan options, we’ll make sure that everything will be catered for.

For more information on how we can help you with a wedding meal or banquet that suits your stomach as well your wallet, please contact us on the form below for more information.

Find everything you need to know when planning your wedding on Bornholm
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Also Destination Weddings Might Require Decorations

Most couples decide to elope for a destination wedding because they want to keep both costs and efforts to a minimum. That does, however, rarely include giving up on all things beautiful on your wedding day. 

From bridal bouquet and make-up to table decorations and the groom’s boutonniere, our wedding planners in Wedding on the Rocks can arrange all of the necessary decorations for you wedding day.

All you have to do is give us your specifications. Just tell us your wishes, and we will make sure everything is ready to make one of the most important milestones in your life as enchanting and beautiful as it should be.

For more information on how we can beautify your Danish destination wedding, please contact us on the form below for a complimentary – as in free – online meeting.


Danish florists on Bornholm will make sure that your flower arrangements will suit your style on your wedding day.
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Just Happy Snaps or Wedding Photos Everlasting?

Wedding photography is much underrated yet essential for any wedding day. While some might choose to take the photos themselves or leave the snapping away to their guests, they’ll soon will realize that it takes more to have a documentation of your wedding day that’ll last long enough for the next generation to admire.

Wedding on the Rocks works with some of the best Danish wedding photographers on Bornholm. If you want your special day to be pictured for eternity, all you have to do is contact one of our dedicated wedding planners who will find the right photographer for your special event.

For more information, or samples of what our photographers can offer you, please contact us on the form below.

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Don't Worry about the Formalities

You might just want to pack up and say your “I dos” at a dream destination, but you’ll still need to have some formalities, such as the legal position of your marriage vows, to be sorted out.

Denmark as a wedding destination might be famous for its lack of exaggerated bureaucracy. Yet also Danish authorities will require some paperwork. 

Our wedding planners in Wedding on the Rocks have specialized in sorting the entire formalities with all the relevant authorities. They will also book the registrar for you and ensure, that the documents issued will meet standards worldwide.

Besides, did you know that you can get married in Danish, English and German on Bornholm? For more information on how we deal with your paperwork and on the registry office on Bornholm, please do not hesitate to contact us on the form below.

Languages are not a problem when you elope to Bornholm in Denmark.
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