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Bornholm Wedding Photography

The True Heroes of Your Wedding Day (Apart from Your Wedding Planner, Obviously)

In the age of smartphones where everybody continuously has his finger on the proverbial trigger, it might seem odd to think about hiring a professional wedding photographer. Yet when it comes to the wedding photos, this is definitely the wrong place to save a few bucks.

Remember that the wedding pictures are here to stay for decades to come. While it might seem like a charming idea to leave the picture taking to the wedding guests, you also will want to make sure that you look your best. In addition, the wedding photo should capture the atmosphere and give you a perpetual reminder of how happy you were on the big day. In most circumstances, professional wedding photographers are the ones who seize the moments you have missed. They also have an eye for the small, but important details.

Wedding on the Rocks works with some fabulous photographers on Bornholm who can reimagine your Big Day for you in decades to come. Contact us on the form below for more details – or even if you only want a non-committal chat about the arrangements for your wedding day.

Here are a Few Good Reasons Why You Should Choose a Professional Wedding Photographer:

They Will Always Show Your Very Best Side

Wedding photographers are a brilliant invention. They can make you look even more fabulous than you appear in real life and bring out your true star quality. As dedicated professionals, they quickly discern your best side, find the perfect lighting and determine the most impressive spots on Bornholm island to suit your personality. 

Our wedding photographers on Bornholm will also be instinctively aware of insecurities you might have or your fears of not being photogenic. They will put you at ease and make you comfortable in front of the camera. Usually you won’t even notice.

The wedding photographers we work with also know how to be unobtrusive and stay out of the way – while still capturing the ambience and sense of joy on your big day. It does not matter if you have a large wedding party or only an intimate event. The wedding photographers will adjust while remaining in the background.

Bride and groom pose in front of cliffs on Bornholm

Wedding Photographers Will Make the Landscape Fit Around You

When you get married on Bornholm, you can’t but help to find yourself surrounded by beauty. Sea and sand, castle ruins, forests or any of the impressive landmark might just be the very reason why you’ve picked our beautiful island for your wedding location. Still, when it comes to the wedding pictures, you most likely would prefer to be the centre of attention. That’s where our Bornholm wedding photographers come into the picture (not literally!).

If you choose any of the amazing locations we have to offer on the island, our local wedding photographers will know how best to fit the landscape or landmark around you. They will be helpful in finding the right location for you and make suggestions based on your wishes. Bornholm’s wedding photographers also know where to find the best light on the island – and how to make good use of it.

If you would like to know more about how wedding photographers on Bornholm work, feel free to contact us on the form below for a complementary talk about your ideas and wishes.

Ein Altar am Strand bevor die Hochzeitszeremonie beginnt.
A Danish wedding ceremony on Bornholm beach
Signing the wedding registry on Bornholm beach
Hochzeitsgäste umringen die Hochzeitstorte beim Anschneiden
Wedding present on a table on Bornholm beach
Wedding bouquet on a table on Bornholm beach

Wedding Photographers Will Find the Story Within Your Story

Whether it’s the various uses of a table on the beach or the shenanigans of your wedding guests, a good wedding photographer (and we only know good ones) will always discover small details to add to your portfolio. 

While the wedding portrait is the main focus of the happy couple, you also should consider a wedding photo album. With this stunning photo book, you will receive a kind of photo journalistic reportage from your wedding day. A wedding photo album will not only include pictures of you, but also of your guests, the presents, your decorations and most importantly – of the most notable happenings during the event. You will be surprised to see all that you have missed. 

The wedding photographer will have taken pictures of everything of importance and include it in your album. With the help of this album, you not only can show your family and friends who were prevented from attending how it all went down, but it’ll be a beautiful document to the next generation not yet born on the day.

Bride and groom in nature on Bornholm with cow as a witness

They Always Expect the Unexpected - and Make Good Use of It

Hey, it’s your wedding day! You obviously will only have eyes for each other and our wedding planners will make sure to keep any distractions or disturbances away from you. Yet also we in Wedding on the Rocks might come up against the ever present ‘unforeseen circumstances’.

Whether it’s the local wildlife wanting to be part of the picture, the flower girl/ringbearer not being content with the length of the wedding ceremony or the mother of the bride/father of the groom suddenly being overcome with tears of joy – the wedding photographer is here to capture it all. Not only that. He or she most likely will make it work for you and integrate it in what you and your guest later will call a fabulous day.

Instead of only having good stories about ‘all that happened on your wedding day’, our wedding photographers will make sure you have proof of it as well.

Wedding Photographers Remind You of How It All Went Down


‘Walking down the aisle’, ‘Standing at the altar’ and even ‘Signing away your freedom’ are for most of us not empty clichés, but memorable milestones in our lives. 

Sometimes we need to be able to recapture these very moments. Especially when we need it the most.

Your wedding photographs are probably the best reminders of that special moment in your life. By just looking at them, you will be able to relive every special moment on this important day in your life. 

Wedding on the Rocks would love to help you to organize every step on the way to the altar – and beyond. If you want more details on how we can assist you to get the best wedding photographs you possibly can imagine, please use the contact form below and get in touch.


A wedding couple standing under a bridge on Bornholm

Wedding Photographers Work with You and Us

Our wedding planners in Wedding on the Rocks know all the photographers on Bornholm. As soon as you give us your specifications or requirements, we will find exactly the right wedding photographer for your big day. Together with our wedding planners, you will decide upon the ideal location for your wedding ceremony. Once the wedding location is decided upon, you can discuss your specific wishes and requirements with regards to the wedding album with the photographer.

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