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Wedding Accommodations on Bornholm


Whether your wedding party consists just of the two of you, or a whole bunch of family and friends, you all might want to have a place to rest your weary heads before and after the big day. 

Bornholm offers around 17.000 rooms and places to stay. The choice can be difficult to navigate, but our experienced wedding planners in Wedding on the Rocks would be delighted to give you a helping hand. We can not only aid you with suggestions, but also book the rooms or accommodations for you.

There are a few questions you should ask yourself before booking your wedding accommodations on Bornholm. Here are a few pointers on what to consider when you contact us with your requirements.

Finding an accommodation for your wedding guests on Bornholm in Denmark is made easy by our wedding planners.

How Many People are in Your Wedding Party?

Before you start looking for a hotel, you’ll need to ask yourself how many people will be joining you on your big day. If you have decided upon an elopement or destination wedding, it might just be the two of you. Please note that Danish law requires you to have two witnesses present at the wedding ceremony. 

Furthermore, you should consider how long they will be staying. Do they have any special requirements such as wheelchair access? Will they be paying for themselves or are you footing the bill? If you have more than two guests who will function as your witnesses – or bridesmaid and best man – do you wish to house them all in one place?

Whether it’s about block bookings for your wedding guests, reserving a bridal suite or finding accommodations for special needs, Wedding on the Rocks will be able to help you with your specific requirements. All you need to do is to contact us on the form below.

Accommodations for weddings and wedding guests come in all price classes on Bornholm in Denmark

What Kind of Wedding Accommodation Can You Afford?

Costs will play a major factor for most couples about to be wed. Bornholm can offer something in any price class with regards to wedding accommodations. Our sunshine island not only boasts many Spa hotels and 5-Star accommodations, but also villas, guesthouses as well as glamping and camping sites – if that is your thing.

Like many places with a booming tourism sector, also Bornholm has a high season and a low season. If you wish to keep your costs a low as possible, you might want to consider marrying outside the main season running from June to September every year. 

Bornholm is beautiful all year round. Due to its unique location in the Baltic Sea, you’ll even have the weather gods on your side most of the time. Whatever price class you are considering, our dedicated wedding planners in Wedding on the Rock will be able to find the right solution for you. For more tips on how to find the best offers for your wedding accommodation, please contact us on the form below.


A large choice of wedding locations on Bornholm make the sunshine island a preferred choice among couples about to get married in Denmark.

Beach or Woods (or Both) on Your Wedding Day?

The location of your wedding accommodation will obviously play a major part in your decision-making. Bornh’olm has a wide variety of accommodations available. 

You’ll find many Spa hotels and beachside resorts around the entire coast of this ‘Pearl in the Baltic Sea’. If you require bird song and the tranquility a forest can offer, you might want to consider one of the beautiful guesthouses and villas on Bornholm. 

Also booking a wedding accommodation in one of the towns on Bornholm will come with advantages. You’ll have easy access to all amenities, including restaurants, shops and tourist attractions.

Whatever your preference for your wedding day, please let our our wedding planners know. We will find the right spot for exactly your dream wedding accommodation.

Bornholm has a very lively nightlife on offer when you get married in Denmark.

Do You Prefer Nightlife or Wildlife?

When you first have decided to get married on Bornholm, the island’s unique landscape, weather and wildlife might have been the most important factors in your decision-making. Yet many couples about to get married – and their wedding guests – still don’t want to forego the pleasures of a vibrant nightlife.

Most of Bornholm’s nightlife activities are concentrated around the ‘capital’ Rønne. There you can find many pubs, bodegas and even a place for clubbing. Like the rest of Denmark, also Bornholm has a very active Jazz scene worth diving into.

For more information about wedding accommodations and the ‘wild’ nightlife in Rønne on Bornholm, please get in touch with our wedding planners or book a complimentary meeting on the form below.

There are many activities you can do apart from getting married on Bornholm in Denmark.

Have You Planned Any Other Wedding Activities?

Getting married on Bornholm is one thing. But if you’ve already planned for a destination wedding, you also might want to consider to spend your  honeymoon on our beautiful ‘Sunshine Island’.

Maybe you enjoy a common hobby or interest? Perhaps your wedding guests would like to get away from so much wedded bliss. Whatever your and your wedding guests’ motives or preferences with regards to activities outside the wedding preparations and ceremony are, there is an accommodation on Bornholm suited to your entertainment purposes.

From cycling and kayaking to rock climbing and hiking, our wedding planners in Wedding on the Rocks will be able to find accommodations that’ll give you easy access to your preferred wedding activities. For more information on what is on offer in Bornholm, please contact us on the form below.

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