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Honeymoon on Bornholm


When you first choose Bornholm as your destination for your wedding, you might want to consider to extend your stay beyond the day of your nuptials. and the wedding ceremony. On our beautiful island, you’ll find plenty of activities – or recuperation opportunities – to help your marriage to get off to a perfect start.

Bornholm offers around 17.000 rooms and places to stay after your wedding day. Yet you might wonder, what else you can do on Bornholm – beyond getting married, obviously. We can not only aid you with suggestions for your honeymoon, but also book the accommodations and activities you have in mind for you.

Here are a few ideas and tips on celebrating the time immediately after your wedding day.

A sunset or sunrise on Bornholm brings any newly wed couple into the right mood for their honeymoon.

No Honeymoon without a Sunrise or Sunset!

It doesn’t matter if you are terribly romantic or not, a good sunrise or sunset will get everyone into the right honeymoon mood. Bornholm is filled with perfect spots to watch the sun go up or down.

Some of the best places you will obviously find on one of our many sandy beaches. Yet also the edges of our woods are prime locations. Birdwatchers from all over the world can attest for that.

Also our landmarks, including the Fortress of Hammershus and the Sanctuary Rocks (Helligdomsklipperne), offer plenty of opportunities to follow the sun’s progress throughout the day.

For more information – and inspiration – on the perfect place for your own private spectacle of nature, please contact our dedicated wedding planners on the form below.

Our wedding planners can find the perfect honeymoon activities for your honeymoon on Bornholm.

Prepare for a Sporty Honeymoon

According to research, doing sports together as a couple is a perfect way to tighten your bonds. It increases your happiness as partners in life. Couples who work out together have a greater relationship satisfaction and build better problem solution opportunities. 

Why not start on your honeymoon to establish a common interest in life?From cycling and kayaking to rock climbing and hiking, on Bornholm you are bound to find something you both enjoy.  

The island also offers three excellent golf courses and several tennis courts. If you prefer to start small, our amenities for table-top tennis, badminton and mini golf might be the right choice.

In case your sport of choice is not on the list, or when you seek inspiration, our wedding planners are at your disposal. 


You can find a common hobby during your honeymoon on Bornholm.

Engage in a Common Hobby on Your Honeymoon

If sport isn’t really your thing you might want to consider to engage in a common hobby while you are on Bornholm. The island is one of the arts & crafts centres in Europe. It was, in fact, the first ever World Crafts City in 2017.

Also called “The Makers Island”, Bornholm has an unusually high concentration of artists living and working in the place. From glassblowing to pottery and painting to photography, you are bound to find something that interests you both on your honeymoon.

Many of the resident artists on Bornholm give courses or arrange workshops. There you can immerse yourself in art or even learn a new skill like sculpting, silversmithing or woodworking. 

If you want to know more and figure out how to sign up for a course during your honeymoon, please contact one of our wedding planners us on the form below.

A romantic dinner for two on Bornholm can get you into the right mood for your honeymoon on Denmark.

A Romantic Honeymoon Dinner for Two

Candlelight, beautiful Nordic table settings and good food can make any honeymoon unforgettable. It’ll also get you in the right mood for wedded bliss. Denmark is internationally known for its amazing cuisine. Among the Danish places to eat good food, Bornholm with its many high class restaurants and heavy focus on sustainability is the most outstanding.

From Michelin-starred luxury to rustic comfort food, Bornholm has everything for dedicated foodies. In addition, the island’s many food and drink producers in the smoke housesbreweriescheese makers and chocolatiers invite you for a visit. 

When a picnic on the beach or in one of our beautiful woods is what you have in mind, our many farms and organic food shops can provide you with the fare. Throughout the seasons, you will even find many food stalls on the roadside. There locals offer their produce for sale. Whatever your budget, you’ll never go hungry on Bornholm.


Looking at the night sky on Bornholm reveals a multitude of stars to brides and grooms on the Danish honeymoon.

Gaze into the Stars on Your Honeymoon

Denmark is renowned for its world famous astronomers. On Bornholm, you don’t need to be an astronomer to enjoy the view on the night sky. 

With the lack of air polluting industries or artificial lighting and blessed with some outstanding viewpoints, the island ticks all the boxes for a formidable evening to stare at the stars. Whether you want to enjoy our magical night sky with the naked eye on your evening stroll or set up a telescope to explore the planets in detail, you will find your expectations met.

If you want to know more about stargazing on Bornholm, or just need some tips for the best vantage points on the island, our local wedding planners can give you some hints. All you have to do is to contact us on the form below. 

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