Judith & André in Salomon's Chapel

Read Judith and André's Wedding Story

German couple Judith and André came all the way from the western part in Germany to get married on Bornholm. They have visited our beautiful island many times before and here is their story on why they choose us – and how it they went down the aisle on our beautiful island.

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Why We Got Married on Bornholm

Candle light decorations on a historical site prepared for a wedding on the Danish island of Bornholm.
A just married couple crosses their hands on a wedding stone displaying their wedding bands on Bornholm.
Candle light on the historical site of the ruins of Salomon's Chapel in Northern Bornholm in Denmark.

“We chose Bornholm for our wedding location because it is our holiday island. The island lies within easy reach from the west of Germany and we travelled around 8 hours by car to Sassnitz, with an additionally 3 hours ferry trip to Rønne”, they told our wedding planners. “We are so satisfied with the island, because Bornholm is wonderful for holidays, never mind in which season you arrive there. We love the different types of nature and how they fit into the different landscapes and microclimates. The small villages with their shopping and handcraft stores and their offer of gastronomy complete our expectations, and there is always a huge variety of activities on offer, especially in nature.”

The view of the Baltic sea from Salomon's chapel in the North of Bornholm in Denmark.

Where on Bornholm Did Judith and André Choose to Get Married?

Wedding guests await the arrival of a German couple about to be wed in the North of Bornholm in Denmark.
A German couple walks down the aisle through a gate of Salomon's Chapel on Bornholm in Denmark.
Wedding decorations on a historical site on Bornholm in Denmark.

Judith and André picked the ruin of Salomon’s Chapel (Salomens Kapel) close to Allinge in the north of Bornholm as the dream location for their wedding ceremony. As they know the island well, it was not difficult to determine exactly the spot for their perfect wedding day. The ruins offer an amazing view over the Baltic Sea, but also plenty of green spaces, trees, steep and impressive cliffs as well as the opportunity for a romantic beach walk after. 

If you wish to get married on Bornholm, but don’t know the island as well as Judith and André or can’t decide upon the perfect location for your wedding ceremony, please do not hesitate to contact our wedding planners in Wedding on the Rocks. We are true locals to Bornholm and know the island like the back of our hands.


How It All Happened

A newly wed German couple with their wedding guests and the registrar who performed their wedding rites on Bornholm.

Judith and André arrived with three wedding guests on Bornholm, who all were happy to share the big day with the lovely couple. Our wedding planners in Wedding on the Rocks did deal with the paperwork of the couple beforehand. This was to ensure that the marriage also would be legally valid in Germany. We also in cooperation with the couple chose exactly the right spot for the ceremony and decorated it to their wishes to make everything look perfect on the day. 

The ceremony was held in the German language by a registrar from the local registry office in Rønne, which also can provide English – and obviously Danish – speakers for weddings. If you wish to have an English or German speaking ceremony to suit yourself and your guests, please contact one of our wedding planners well in advance. The earlier we know, the more like it is we can book the registrar with the appropriate language capabilities on your chosen wedding date.

The Wedding Ceremony

A German couple about to be married walks down a natural aisles in the ruins of Salomon's Chapel on Bornholm in Denmark.
Wedding bands on a stone and candle light decorations for a wedding on a historical site on the Danish island of Bornholm.
A Danish registrar from the registry office on Bornholm is performing the wedding rites on a historical sites.

Judith and André started the ceremony by walking down the natural ‘aisle’ of Salomon’s chapel, observed by their wedding guests. The ruins of the ancient chapel provided an impressive arch for the couple to make an entrance to the wedding location. There the guests – and the all important wedding registrar – awaited them eagerly. Our wedding planners had decorated the inside court of the chapel with candles and flowers, chosen by the couple and prepared for by an eco-friendly local gardener and florist on Bornholm. 

In line with Bornholm’s reputation as Europe’s most sustainable island, our wedding planners in Wedding on the Rocks aim to provide as much in terms of sustainable resources as we possibly can. All the flowers and floral decorations provided for Judith and André’s wedding ceremony were grown locally to organic standards. If you wish to know more about our sustainable resources, please do not hesitate to contact us with the help of the form below.

The Wedding Supplies

The groom and some guests pull a trolley with wedding paraphernalia up a slope on the Danish island of Bornholm.

Once the wedding ceremony was over and Judith and André were duly married, the couple chose one of Bornholm’s many eateries to celebrate with their guests. Yet not before they brought out a toast to themselves with the delighted guests. A bottle of bubbly, alcoholic or not so much, is always Included in Wedding on the Rocks’ services.

Our wedding planners would also be delighted to aid you in the search for the right wedding venue to suit your taste, no matter how big or small you plan your party to be. Our caterers can supply the fare to any celebration you possibly can imagine, from picnics on the beach or in the woods to wedding banquets and set menues in restaurants within any price class. For more information on Bornholm’s gastronomy and how we can help you to find the right solution for your wedding party, please contact us on the form below.

The Wedding Photography

A newly wed German couple enjoys the view from the cliffs in the North of Bornholm in Denmark for their wedding photo.

The untamed wild coast of northern Bornholm offers many opportunities for spectacular wedding photos. The area is famous among photographers and artists from all over the world for its spectacular light. In addition, Judith and André chose one of the many historically sites on our beautiful island, This added further opportunities for highly personalised wedding photos you’ll not get anywhere else in the world.

Wedding on the Rocks exclusively works with professional wedding photographers. Once you’ve decided upon a wedding location and date, you will be able to discuss your requirements with regards to the wedding photos with them.  Our wedding photographers will also be able to make suggestions based on your wishes. They’ll show you photographic examples from all over the island. With this in mind and in front of you, you get an impression of our beautiful nature and will be able to make a choice. You can, however, always change your mind later on.

A just married couple with a tree close to Salomon's Chapel on Bornholm.
A German couple poses for the wedding photographer in the ruinds of a historical site on Bornholm.
A newly wed couple looks out over the wild sea in the North of Bornholm in Denmark.


💕 We in Wedding on the Rocks feel honoured to have been a part of Judith and André’s big day. We wish them all the best for their future together. 💕

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