Entertainment for the smallest among your wedding guests

Bornholm for Children


When you plan to come to Bornholm for your wedding, you soon will have to make a decision on children. Whether it’ll be your own, or the children of your wedding guests, they all will want some form of entertainment. While you might enjoy the wedding arrangements and choosing your suppliers with our wedding planners, the children in your wedding party might beg to differ. But don’t worry, we can help!

Wedding on the Rocks can assist you in finding exactly the right entertainment for the little one. We also are capable of getting you in contact with a suitable child carer while you are preparing for your big day. We even can offer you babysitters and child carers with multilingual capabilities. Our child care suppliers speak not only the Scandinavian languages, but also English and German. For more information, please contact us on the form below.

In the meantime, we present to you here only a few examples of what Bornholm can offer the little ones, and how we can help you with child care. You’ll soon find out that there is no better place to come to with children of all ages than Bornholm. The island is a truly family oriented spot and will suit even the most demanding little monkey.

Childcare during a wedding on Bornholm can be easily arranged.

Building Sandcastles on Bornholm's Beaches

Whether it’s building sand castles, playing in the water or just having a picnic on the beach, your children will be up for it. There is no better way to spend a sunny – or even not so sunny – day than being on one of Bornholm’s many sandy beaches.

There are altogether too many beaches on Bornholm to list them all here, and not one is like the other. While the smaller of your wedding guests might happily settle for sandcastles and mudlarking, older children and teenagers attending your wedding probably hope for something more exciting. 

Many businesses located at the beaches offer activities like kitesurfing, paddleboarding, kayaking or even diving. Whatever your young wedding guests preferences might be, we are sure you will find something to cater for their tastes. Some of the activities are already supervised, for others we might be able to provide you with a multilingual childminder. Please contact us for more information on the form below.


On Bornholm your wedding guests will find cycle tours especially for children.

How About a Bicycle Race?

It probably has not escaped your attention, but riding a bicycle is big in Denmark. Bornholm is no exception. We even have our own local bicycle races, which might just be what the younger – and quite possibly also older – attendees of your wedding – have been looking for. 

While bicycling around Bornholm (103 km) might be a stretch too far for the smallest ones, there are plenty of short and exciting cycle routes on the island. 

Bornholm is also a favourite spot for mountain bikers from all over the world. There ae several trails earmarked especially for this activity. There, older children and teenagers can test their abilities on two wheels in the wild.

For more information on how to book a wild ride on the bike for your younger wedding guests, please contact us in good time before the wedding day through the form below.

The forests on Bornholm are ideal if your wedding guests are looking for childcare.

Have an Adventure in the Deep Dark Woods

Bornholm is a fairy tale island. Next to the beaches, our beautiful woods will carry a magical attraction for your little ones. Filled to the brim with all the wonders nature has on offer, and even a few bison thrown in for good measure, your little wedding guests will be transfixed by what they might find.

By the way, have you heard about ‘De Underjordiske’ (The Folk Underground) who live in the woods? Maybe your child would like to meet them? They are, after all, about the size of an eight year old. But be careful though! De underjordiske are mischievous and might easily lead your wedding party astray – and steal your food. 

At least, the folk who live under the ground in the woods of Bornholm will give your children food for thought and inspire their imagination. In the meantime, tell the children in your wedding party to look out for a small person in a red hat…

Bornholm can bring out the artist in your young wedding guests.

Get Out the Artist in Your Young Wedding Guests

If neither sport nor beaches is what your or your wedding guests’ offspring have in mind, a calming but equally inspiring art adventure might just be it. Bornholm is one of the arts & crafts centres in Europe (and was in fact the first World Crafts City in 2017). As such, it is the right place to engage in creative endeavours even for small artists.

Also called “The Makers Island”, Bornholm has an unusually high concentration of artists living and working in the place. Many offer art courses and taster sessions in their field, though you might have to sort your own children’s supervision. Please contact us for more information on the the form below.

Also Bornholms Kunstmuseum has a lot going on for  young artists during the season and all school holidays. From toddler circuits and proverbial scavenger hunts to animated movies and adventures in a sculpture park, the museum aims to please young visitors, though also here you have to bring your own adult.

Brændesgårdshaven is an amusement park for families on Bornholm that will be happy to entertain your wedding guests.

Visit Bornholm's Amusement Park

Next to sports, art and nature, children love amusement parks and arcades. Also here Bornholm can deliver. On offer to you and your wedding guests is a good old-fashioned Danish entertainment park. Brændesgårdshaven, sometimes also known as Joboland, is situated close to Svaneke in the South of Bornholm island.

Among the entertainment at hand in Brændesgårdshaven are a large waterpark, a beautiful garden reserved for play as well as a petting zoo. In addition, the park boasts several playgrounds for all ages, a rowing lake and a zip line course for the truly fearless among the smaller members of your wedding party.

If you are unable to take your or your wedding guests’ children to Brændesgårdshaven yourself because you are to wrapped up in wedding preparations, please contact us for alternative, multilingual arrangements.


Bornholm makes it easy to teach children about history, with or without childcare.

There's a Lot Going On in History on Bornholm

Bornholm is one of the few places in the world where children can explore the history of the world throughout almost all the centuries in one and the same place.

From the prehistoric rock carvings on Madsebakke and the ancient Viking sites to the ruins of what once was Scandinavia’s biggest fortress at Hammershus, Bornholm will not only give your young explorers ample opportunities of adventure, but also offer them an educational deep dive into history. The island is literally stuffed with historical landmarks that offer a prime location for treasure hunts, fantastical cosplays or historical  reenactments.

For more information on how our wedding planners help to keep also your youngest wedding guests entertained, please contact Wedding on the Rocks below. We also can help you to find a child minder or babysitter in other languages than Danish. Let’s give all your wedding guests, young and not so young, the time of their lives on Bornholm!

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