Courthouse wedding couple Bornholm
Courthouse wedding couple Bornholm
Beach wedding couple Bornholm
Rocks wedding couple Bornholm
Forest wedding couple Bornholm
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The Ceremony + Party Package

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The Ceremony + Party Package includes all the necessities for your wedding and a celebration party to follow it up:

  • All wedding planning hours included
  • A personal wedding planner will be with you at the ceremony and the party
  • Personal assistance with transport to/from the island and accommodation
  • Personal assistance with the required legal documents and correspondence with the local authorities
  • Marriage fee for the local authorities
  • Transfer to and from the ferry/airport
  • Apostille stamp from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on one mariage certificate (legalises your marriage internationally. See all apostille countries here).
  • Witnesses if necessary
  • For outdoor weddings a basic setup is included
  • Personal assistance during your stay




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